TAKE ACTION: SSM vote imminent!


The full House opened debate on the same-sex marriage bill today, with a vote to come at any time. I need you to contact your delegate today—right now—one last time before they cast their vote. Then forward this email to 5 friends or everyone you know who lives in Maryland and might be willing to contact their legislators.

Time is short, and with your help we can win this battle.

Take Action

Tens of thousands of your fellow citizens have already made phone calls and emails to your delegates urging them to respect marriage and the will of Maryland voters. Even delegates who originally co-sponsored the bill are now beginning to jump ship, responding to the overwhelming pressure from their constituents. The latest word is that the bill's supporters are still a few votes short of the 71 votes needed to send the bill to the governor.

But gay marriage activists are pulling out all the stops, seeking to win over the handful of delegates who have not yet declared how they will vote.

We need your help today. Help keep the pressure up! Help make sure your delegate gets the message: The people of Maryland do not want same-sex marriage. Period.

Please take action right now. Your email could make the difference.

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