A Jim McGreevey Moment?

We say nothing, we are in fact speechless at the soap opera unfolding in Glendale, California city council race:

"Things have gotten ugly between Glendale, Calif., city council candidate Mike Mohill and incumbent John Drayman.

Last week, during a city council meeting, Drayman announced to the room that Mohill had been arrested three times, twice in the 1980s for soliciting lewd acts in a public place...

Tuesday night, [Mohill] responded, saying he has been married since 1977, he is gay, and that the two charges brought against him in the '80s for solicitation of lewd acts were the product of him having "gay sex in public."

He said his wife has known he is gay since the arrests and that the two maintain a "marriage in which we share a powerful affection and respect for each other."

Then he accused Drayman of getting personal and said Drayman was rumored to be gay himself.

Apparently there's one more married gay man in California than previously thought.
(Photos: Montrose Patch)