Is San Fran's Castro neighborhood appropriate for young kids?


One of the things to notice in this article in the San Fran Chronicle is how carefully all the parents are to remain anonymous - even questioning the tour location is something they fear they must do in private, rather than being "outed" as "bigots" - when actually they are simply concerned about preserving their children's innocence:

Last week, second-graders from San Francisco's private all-boys Town School strolled through the Castro, the city's world-renowned gay district...

... Last week, one of those parents contacted the CBS News desk and CBS 5 Eyewitness News featured a segment highlighting the controversy. The mother, who remained anonymous on the show, said: "Why would you talk to a young child about sex with a man and a woman let alone a man and a man or a woman and a woman? It just doesn't seem right. They are not ready for that.

...[And] what about the Castro's infamous sex shops? Those adult-oriented stores with provocative window displays featuring sex toys, nude images, pornographic movies, and a dizzying array of sexual items from phallic pasta to stripper poles to whips and chains.

These shops weren't highlighted on the tour and the guide mapped out a route that aimed to avoid them all together. Still, the Town parent who reached out to SFGate expressed concern about the children walking by these stores.

*SFGate was in touch with two Town parents for this story; both asked to remain anonymous.