Queensland's First Surrogate Mother: "I Should Never Have Given Him Up"


A heart-wrenching story from the Australian Herald Sun:

As Queensland's first child born under the state's altruistic surrogacy laws, Connor Harris's arrival was a moment of unbridled happiness for his parents.

For his biological mother "Rosie" (not her real name), there has been nothing but heartache and regret since that historic day last May 11.

"As soon as the baby was born it all changed," the married friend of the couple said.

"I was crying in hospital when he was having his first bath, I couldn't watch, I thought what the hell have I done?"

"I never thought having a child and giving him away would make me feel like this.

"I regret everything, I don't regret Connor, I regret the decision very much, I just wish I'd never done it."

Matt said things changed after Connor was born, with Rosie wanting to be called b-ma (biological mother) instead of auntie Rosie as agreed before the birth.