NOM Marriage Election Watch 2010: Pro-Marriage Paul LePage wins GOP Nod in Maine


There's so much election news. Consider the Maine governor's race, where Paul LePage won the GOP nomination. Pro-gay marriage forces have vowed to pass another gay marriage bill in 2011, despite the historic rejection of gay marriage by Maine voters last November. If Paul LePage wins the governor's seat he has promised to veto any such effort to circumvent the will of the voters. LePage is a really interesting guy, not your typical profile. He is one of 18 kids--"-when you come from a family of 18 kids you have to be pro-life -- otherwise, you might have been 'the one,'" he told Maine Public Broadcasting.

His father was an abusive disciplinarian, so he ran away at home at age 11 and lived homeless on the streets for a few years, before eventually graduating from high school, working to put himself through college, eventually earning a master's degree in business administration. He serves as general manager of Marden's Salvage and Surplus and the mayor of Waterville.

He is both a fiscal and a social conservative--and something else as well:

"I'm putting myself out there because I believe I am the candidate, not only on the Republican side, but the Democratic side and the Independent side, that both have a life history that understands the stigma that goes with being homeless, poor and on the streets, and I understand what it does to the human body, the human psyche," Lepage says.