Live Commentary from Brian Brown: 4pm ET



Given the way the day's events are shaping up, we've rearranged the day’s schedule a bit. This gives us a chance to connect with you midway through the day, and then to return for a recap when the arguments wrap up.

I will now be providing live, interactive video commentary on the morning’s developments at 4pm Eastern Time (1pm Pacific time). This is YOUR chance to log on and ask questions regarding the case or the arguments being made by the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

At 4pm Eastern, please log on to and click on the link under the live video feed that says: "Watch in High Quality and Chat Live."  You’ll then be able to submit your question, and I’ll respond to as many as I can.

Later, when the day's arguments are over, Maggie Gallagher will be checking in from San Francisco with her recap of the day.

Meanwhile, please stay active on Twitter and Facebook . . . our opponents love to try to shout us down in these forums, or overwhelm us with the sheer volume of posts. Let's make sure our side is heard as well! We're tweeting #prop8 and @nomtweets!

See you at 4pm Eastern at!

Brian Brown

President, National Organization for Marriage

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