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Minnesota For Marriage Releases 6th TV Ad: "We Are All Voting Yes"

Minnesota for Marriage releases its 6th TV Ad, featuring Minnesotans of diverse backgrounds explaining why they are voting YES to protect marriage:

"In my life I've learned to be open and kind to all people.

Everybody knows somebody who's gay.

Gay or straight we're all entitled to love and respect.

But we can support gays and lesbians without changing marriage.

Marriage is still about children having a mom and a dad.

I'm voting on yes on the Marriage Amendment.

Yes to protect marriage.

On Amendment 1, we're all voting YES!"

Minnesota For Marriage Releases 5th TV Ad: Broken Promises

Minnesota for Marriage urges Minnesotas to consider the promises gay marriage advocates have broken to push their agenda:

"There have been a lot of broken promises elsewhere about gay marriage, like it won't affect anyone else, even as small businesses are fined, charities closed, and people fired. Or "it won't impact religious liberty" even as pastors are punished and harassed, churches are sued, and believers targeted. Or "it won't be taught to young children in public schools" even though it was in Massachusetts and Canada. Don't trust broken promises. Vote YES on Amendment 1 to protect marriage."

Video: Baltimore Ravens Center Matt Birk Talks About the Misleading Religious Liberty Language in Question 6

Matt Birk, Center for the Baltimore Ravens, warns Maryland residents about being fooled by the misleading ballot language on religious liberty of Question 6 (gay marriage):

"If the referendum is not voted down, religious freedoms are at risk. Churches, hospitals, religious charities, private businesses and individuals, all will be subject to lawsuits and harassment for openly expressing their religious beliefs."

Video: No on 6 Ad: "We Will Not Be Intimidated"

Via Maryland Marriage Alliance:

"Ceci Royals a Maryland resident talks about the intolerant language of proponents of Same-sex marriage activists."

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Vote NO on 6 Ad: "Parents Have No Rights"

A new ad from the Maryland Marriage Alliance on what happens when same-sex marriage is legalized:

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Video: "Don't Make the Same Mistake and Think That Gay Marriage Won't Affect You"

The fourth ad from Minnesota for Marriage:

Two New Ads in Maine: "I Was Fired" & "They Sued Us"

Two new ads appearing in Maine:

"They Sued Us"

"I Was Fired"

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Video: New Reject R-74 Ad: "Examples"

Examples of pro-marriage individuals being fined, sued and harassed after marriage is redefined are real, argues this new ad by Preserve Marriage Washington:

Video: Minnesota for Marriage Releases 3rd VOTE YES TV Ad ("Not Live and Let Live")

Via Minnesota for Marriage (supporting a YES vote on the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment):

Today, Minnesota for Marriage released its third TV ad, designed to help Minnesotans understand that when marriage—the building block for all societies and the most child-centered institution we have—is redefined, there are profound consequences to society. The ad highlights real-life stories of individuals, small businesses, religious organizations who  have been impacted by the imposition of same-sex marriage in their states or countries.

Video: New Maryland No On Question 6 Ad Features Dr. McCaskill's Story

Maryland Marriage Alliance's new ad featuring Dr. McCaskill's story:

Learn more at the Maryland Marriage Alliance website.

Video: No on Question 1's First Ad Shows Consequences of Redefining Marriage, and How Marriage Serves Maine

The Associated Press reports on the two new campaign videos launched this week by Protect Marriage Maine:

A high school guidance counselor whose job was targeted after he spoke out against same-sex marriage is featured in a television campaign by gay marriage opponents that launches Monday.

One of the two ads by Protect Marriage Maine features Donald Mendell of Palmyra, who was subject of a complaint with the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation after appearing on TV during a 2009 referendum in which the state’s gay marriage law was repealed.

The ad says that in states where same-sex marriage has been legalized, opponents like Mendell have been ‘‘fired, sued, fined and punished.’’

‘‘I was a successful school counselor in Maine for over 20 years — once nominated as teacher of the year. Yet when I supported traditional marriage, they tried to get me fired,’’ Mendell says in the 30-second television spot.

A second ad says the rights of same-sex couples can be protected through an existing domestic registry without the need for changing the definition of marriage. ‘‘Every Mainer has a right to love whom they choose but nobody has the right to redefine marriage,’’ it says.

With a month to go until Election Day, the television campaign marks a public escalation in debate by gay marriage opponents, who've been outspent in the campaign.

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Protect Marriage Maine TV Ad – Don Mandell

Protect Marraige Maine TV Ad – Marriage Serves Maine

Video: Watch the New Vote Against Question 6 (Gay Marriage) Ad

The Maryland Marriage Alliance is on the air with this new ad:

Find out what you can do today to help!

Video: 2012 NFL Player of the Year Matt Birk Says Vote Against Question 6 (Gay Marriage)

From the Maryland Marriage Alliance:

Matt Birk, Center for the Baltimore Ravens speaks out in support of marriage. Birk, Catholic and a married father of six has long been a supporter of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Now It's Our Turn!

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