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George Weigel: A Government Which Presumes to Redefine Marriage Is Guilty of "Soft Totalitarianism"

Government has a responsibility to recognize and protect institutions which it does not create, George Weigel argues, otherwise it oversteps its bounds and acts in a totalitarian manner:

"...a state that asserts the authority to redefine marriage has stepped beyond the boundaries of its competence. And if that boundary-crossing is set in constitutional or legal concrete, it opens up a Pandora’s box of undesirable results. For if the state can decree that two men or two women can make a marriage, why not one man and two women? Two women and two men? These are not paranoid fantasies; the case for polyandry and polygamy is now being mounted in prestigious law journals.

And if the state can define marriage by diktat, why not other basic human relationships, like the parent-child relationship, the doctor-patient relationship, the lawyer-client relationship, or the priest-penitent relationship? There is no principled reason why not. Thus gay marriage is another expression of that soft totalitarianism that Benedict XVI aptly calls the “dictatorship of relativism.”

Conscientious voters will keep this—and the Democratic Party platform’s endorsement of gay marriage—in mind on Nov. 6." -- First Things

Video: Pastors, Clergy Stand Together in Support of the MN Marriage Protection Amendment

Diverse Faith Leaders and Clergy Stand Together in Support of Marriage and the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment:

"Why Same-Sex Marriage Affects My Marriage"

Riley Balling, a Minnesota attorney, writes in the Star Tribune:

"In the marriage debate, people frequently argue that how one chooses to define marriage doesn't affect other people's definitions of marriage, and because my definition is as good as yours, it should also be promoted by society.

Many times it is stated: "What I choose to do in my marriage doesn't affect your marriage." However, same-sex marriage affects all of our marriages.

...For many of us who favor traditional marriage, marriage is about raising children in a healthy environment. Thus, any change to the definition of marriage affects our marriage. Our "traditional" marriages and the children they produce are our greatest source of happiness, and we desire that our children will live in a world that will promote their ability to make the same choices that brought us happiness.

There are many who tout the modern definition, and we are susceptible to these influences. As we listen to these influences, we change our view of marriage and our marital relationship accordingly. Same-sex marriage will only increase these influences and make it harder to promote traditional marriage.

Although not all are able to participate in a traditional marriage that yields children, we all benefit by its establishment in creating strong homes for the next generation with strong direction from self-sacrificing parents. The disestablishment of this ideal affects us all."

A Big Month for Marriage, NOM Marriage News

NOM National Newsletter

Dear Marriage Supporter,

November is a big month.

We as a people will elect a president of the United States: Either a man who will appoint judges that impose gay marriage on all 50 states...

...Or a man willing to fight for the values and views that you and I hold dear.

More importantly: a man willing to stand up for God's view of marriage as the union of husband and wife—and who will give us a fighting chance at the Supreme Court.

In November, the people of several deep blue states will have a chance—thanks to you!—to vote to protect marriage as the union of husband and wife.

And in Iowa, the people will have a chance once again to express their disapproval of the activist judges who imposed gay marriage on that state against its citizens will!

Here's a snapshot of me with Gov. Bobby Jindal on the "No Wiggins" bus.

Iowa is accustomed to being a central battleground in politics, being first among the nation's caucuses; but now Iowans have a chance not only to help elect a new president, but to un-elect an activist judge!

Here's Bobby Jindal, telling the people of Iowa about this great opportunity:

I am continually amazed by the resiliency of the American people in standing for marriage.

Gay marriage proponents have the mainstream media. They have more money than we do—sometimes what feels like overwhelmingly more money—and yet, we have a fighting chance, because we stand for truth, for love, and for God's own vision of marriage!

In one of the states where marriage is on the ballot this fall, our opponents have been on the air for three weeks with the best ads money can buy—but the polls are showing that the more ads they air, the less people like gay marriage.

In Minnesota, the people's continued success in fighting for marriage is provoking some among the opposition to vandalize churches. Yes, sad—but true, as the media reports: "Police are searching for the person responsible for vandalizing multiple churches in Buffalo, Minn., over the weekend."

The Buffalo Police Department responded to incidents at several local churches between Saturday and Monday, with four of those incidents involving placement of handwritten posters containing inflammatory messages.

Police found damage to church buildings at five locations. Police say nothing in the posters left behind referenced the upcoming marriage amendment vote, but most of the churches targeted define marriage as between a man and a woman.

... Rob Jarvis, pastor of Hosanna Lutheran, said he found a poster depicting Jesus as being gay.

"It was (the suspect's) idea of Jesus and then describing homosexual acts, and things like that," Jarvis said, as his church's doors were busted out 24 hours later.

The importance of battles like this is why NOM was founded. Thank you for making the fight for God's truth about marriage possible. We are committed to being your voice for timeless values everywhere across this great land.

In the state of New York, we have a great victory to report:

Kathy Marchione has defeated incumbent Sen. Roy McDonald in the GOP primary for the New York State Senate!

That's incredible. Republican incumbents almost never lose primaries. In fact, they almost never face opposition. But McDonald was one of four GOP senators who supported gay marriage and passed gay marriage in that state.

Sen. James Alesi, who also did so, retired rather than face the voters' music.

Now Roy McDonald has announced his attention to retire from politics and support Kathy Marchione in the general election.

Then there's Sen. Steven Saland, who was expected to sail to easy victory in his nomination, but appears only to have eked out a win by the narrowest of margins over feisty challenger Neil DiCarlo.

Saland outspent DiCarlo 40 to 1 in the primary, feeding on the money pro-gay marriage advocates wafted his way—more than thirty pieces of silver to reward him for his pro-gay marriage vote.

But here's the good news: DiCarlo is not giving up! He won a write-in vote for the Conservative Party nomination, and so he has another chance to take on Saland in November.

Along with Saland, Mark Grisanti (the other pro-gay marriage Republican in New York) will also face a Conservative Party challenger in November.

And as DiCarlo said in his press release this week, "Despite being outspent $700,000 to my $25,000 I have shown that integrity matters and that ideas and morals matter more than money.... Having won the majority of votes in the primary, [adding up the GOP and Conservative Party line,] I look forward to winning the general election in November and serving the people of the 41st with integrity as their State Senator."

City&State's weekly round-up of winners and losers proclaims me—and therefore you, and NOM PAC NY—a "winner" this week:

"...Brian Brown won a larger battle—rendering LGBT rights groups incapable of claiming that no Republican legislator who voted yes on same-sex marriage has ever been defeated because of it ... the example of Roy McDonald will probably serve as a cautionary tale."

Of course, we've defeated politicians who have waffled on or betrayed marriage before, but it's good to see the media is noticing for a change!

I told you this would be a big month for marriage. I want to share with you an initiative NOM just launched—"Keep the Republic and Marriage"—a place for pro-marriage heroes like you to PUBLICLY support NOM's work. You can learn about Sean Fieler, the courageous man who was the first to sign his name to this document here. I urge you to join him today and join our fight to keep the republic and marriage!

Voting begins this week in Minnesota. And so let me leave you with a few words from Kelley Yanta, the face of Minnesota Marriage Minute:

Truth matters. Integrity matters. Money matters, but it does not trump the first two things.

Thanks to you—and to the hundreds of thousands of other Americans who join you in supporting NOM—we are able to get the word—the Word—out!

And the American people are responding.

Bless you for all the good you've made possible.

City&State Declares Brian Brown a Winner!

In City&State's weekly round-up of winners and losers Brian Brown gets a nod:

Brian Brown – Kathy Marchione may have won her state Senate primary in upstate New York, but National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown won a larger battle – rendering LGBT rights groups incapable of claiming that no Republican legislator who voted yes on same-sex marriage has ever been defeated because of it. Initiatives against same-sex marriage in other states might not come about in exactly the same way – through floor votes in a Republican-led legislature – but the example of Roy McDonald will probably serve as a cautionary tale, making it that much harder for bills to pass in the short term.

Actually NOM has unseated numerous politicians before who have waffled on or betrayed marriage, but it's good to see that the media is taking note of our recent victories in New York.

You can vote for Brian Brown as a winner this week in City&State's poll here (scroll down).

Video: Paul Ryan: Marriage is a "Universal Human Value"

At a campaign stop recently, responding to a question from the audience, veep candidate Paul Ryan said:

"The things you talk about, like traditional marriage and family and entrepreneurship, these aren't values that are indicative to any one person or race or creed or color these are American values these are universal human values and so what Mitt and I are offering is an agenda is prosperity for everybody to have a chance."

Roy McDonald Drops Out of State Senate Race; Backs Kathy Marchione


Roy McDonald's not talking tonight. But what he said the day after the primary, might have been foreshadowing to today's announcement.

"I'm fed up with politics," Sen. McDonald, R- Saratoga, said Sept. 14.

McDonald withdrew from the race Thursday, issuing a statement at about 11:30 this morning saying,
"After discussing the issue with family, friends, campaign staff and trusted advisors, I've decided that I will not actively campaign in the General Election on the Independence Party line."

McDonald implied that he's stepping aside for the good of the party, "I will be supporting all Republican candidates - including Kathy Marchione - in the General Election."

No More

Email Header Image

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Sean Fieler is a good man. An investor and philanthropist, he supports dozens of good causes, including NOM's work to protect marriage.

But he knows his support for NOM and for marriage could make him a target for gay activists, just like we saw happen recently to Dan Cathy, the owner of Chick-fil-A.

Sean could have kept his support for marriage private.

Instead, drawing inspiration from Dan Cathy, Sean decided to become one of the first signers at and "out" himself as a public supporter of marriage.

Sean said no more to intimidation of good Americans. He refuses to be silenced or intimidated:

Gay marriage activists are successfully using fear and intimidation to silence the majority of Americans who want to preserve marriage as God created it, the union of one man and one woman. To stop this cycle of fear and intimidation, we need courageous Americans to step forward and make their support public.

Every American has the right to hold their own beliefs, including pro-marriage Americans like you and me.

That's why I'm calling on YOU to join with Sean and trumpet your public support for NOM's work in defense of marriage by signing

Our Founding Fathers fought to bequeath to us a republic where everyone would enjoy the right to exercise their liberty to speak their mind, organize, and support causes they believe in, without fear of harassment and intimidation.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman what type of government the American people were going to have, he said, "A republic, madam, if you can keep it."

As proud Americans we know our challenge today is to keep the republic. And to do that in 2012 means keeping marriage and securing our right to publicly protect this sacred institution!

Please join me, Sean, and countless others who refuse to be silenced and intimidated. Sign up at and add your name to the list of brave Americans fighting to keep the republic and what it stands for.

Together, united, we are strong enough!

Ilean Ros-Lehtinen Completes Her Evolution, Calls for End of Legal Marriage

The lone Republican in the House of Representatives who supports same-sex marriage now says she thinks government should stop licensing marriage altogether:

"...The government should not be in the business of defining marriage, just as the government should not be in the business of forcing individuals to enter into binding contracts with private companies, or to regulate inactivity.

And that is what we are all here for tonight.

This is what we all are working so hard for;

To remind everyone that the principles of conservatism and those of the Log Cabin Republicans are in perfect harmony." - Gay South Florida

Perfect harmony?

Dr. Jennifer Morse and Maggie Gallagher have both explained why sound political reasoning supports the conclusion that it is right for government to protect the institution of marriage.

Fr. Pontifex Video: "Although the Church Says No to Gay Marriage it Still Says Yes to You"

Fr. Claude Burns offers a unique take on presenting the Catholic church's view on sex and marriage:

"The topic of homosexuality and the issues around same sex marriage are very charged in our culture right now. The goal of this video is to communicate what the Church teaches about this topic. However, as the title would suggest, the underlying sentiment throughout the whole presentation is that the Church is a refuge of love for all of humanity. Those that would say that the Church is "anti-gay" are either misinformed or deliberately distorting the truth to push their own agenda. For all those who watch this video please understand that the lasting message of "Yes To You" is to let you know that right where you are, with all of your questions, challenges and struggles that the Church indeed says yes to you. You are welcomed and you are loved. We are all in this together."

Related: Priest Delivers Striking Spoken-Word Performance Lambasting "Reckless" Anti-Gay Pastors & Clarifying the Church's Stance on Homosexuality

"Unstoppable" Tasmanian Gay Marriage Bill Stopped!

Gay marriage advocates in Australia had argued that Tasmania's impending legalization of gay marriage should influence Australia's deliberations.

The national convener of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich, for instance, said that the vote in the lower Tasmania meant that the move towards redefining marriage equality in Tasmania was ”unstoppable”.

But as we know, nothing in the marriage fight is inevitable.

Now both Australia and Tasmania have defeated gay marriage:

Gay marriage advocates have vowed to keep campaigning as numbers mount against them in the first attempt at pioneering state-based same sex marriage.

The numbers for reform in Tasmania were lost tonight when the eighth voice against the bill was declared in the 15 member state upper house, the Legislative Council.

... Already struggling for numbers in the council, the Same Sex Marriage bill fell after key undeclared MPs raised constitutional doubts. -- Sydney Morning Herald

Minnesota for Marriage Financial Report Shows Contributions Increasing!

This is a critical time for the four state campaigns fighting to protect marriage to increase their funding:

Today, Minnesota For Marriage released its latest finance report outlining that the committee has raised $1,195,652 for the period January 1, 2012 through September 25, 2012.

MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

“Our latest report reveals that our 2012 donor contributions nearly doubled in only two months’ time since the July report,” said John Helmberger, Minnesota for Marriage Chairman. “These numbers reflect what we are hearing from the majority of Minnesotans who understand that marriage is the unique union of one man and one woman and that children need their mothers and fathers. Since around the time of the State Fair, these folks have been taking a more public role in protecting the definition of marriage in Minnesota.”

“Many choose to engage by volunteering—we are continuing to work with the tens of thousands of new supporters and volunteers who signed up at the State Fair. Others show their support by putting a VOTE YES yard sign in their lawn—we have distributed nearly 50,000 since the Fair with another 25,000 nearly entirely spoken for. Still others have given generously to support the efforts of the Minnesota for Marriage campaign as it works tirelessly to defend marriage.”

Brian Brown and Gov. Boby Jindal On the No Wiggins Iowa Bus Tour!

Our president Brian Brown sent us this photo of him with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal after their appearance together for the "No Wiggins" bus tour now taking place in Iowa:

Here's video of Gov. Jindal's remarks:

Here's how the local press covered the stop:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal urged roughly 65 Iowa conservatives clustered in a small downtown park to make sure they vote this November in “what may be the most important election of our lifetimes.”

... Marshalltown was the 11th stop on the four-day, 17-city “No Wiggins” tour, which concludes Thursday in Orange City.

Iowans for Freedom, backed by conservative groups that include the National Organization for Marriage and Patriot Voices, a group founded by former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, are urging Iowans to vote “No” on a Nov. 6 ballot measure that will decide whether Wiggins retains his seat on the Iowa Supreme Court.

Wiggins is the fourth of seven Iowa justices who took part in a unanimous 2009 decision that legalized same-sex marriage in this state. The three previous justices were ousted following a similar campaign in 2010.

“This is after all the elites said this could never be done,” Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, said in Marshalltown remarks shortly before Jindal. He urged Iowans to “do this again” and promised that “we will do anything we can to help you.”

Find out more about the tour at

“Paid for by National Organization for Marriage, 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC, Brian Brown, President. Not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s committee, or ballot issue committee.”

AP: What's Missing From Gay Marriage Ads? Gay People [Video Fixed!]

The Associated Press reports on the lack of gay people in gay marriage ads in all four states:

Archbishop of Baltimore Lori to Address Fundraiser of Several Hundred Marriage Activists

The Washington Post:

"...Lori, who leads the nation’s oldest Roman Catholic diocese, is listed atop an invitation for the event sponsored by the Maryland Marriage Alliance, the leading organization opposed to Question 6 on the November ballot.

Several hundred people are expected to attend the gathering at an historic Catholic seminary in Baltimore, but it is closed to both the general public and media, according to a spokeswoman for the Maryland Catholic Conference, a member of the anti-same-sex marriage coalition.

“There’s no glitz or glamor in this event,” said Catholic Conference spokeswoman Kathy Dempsey. “We’re not trying to impress anyone.. . . We just hope this event will energize and organize our faith communities.”

...Lori, who leads the nation’s oldest Roman Catholic diocese, is listed atop an invitation for the event sponsored by the Maryland Marriage Alliance, the leading organization opposed to Question 6 on the November ballot.

Several hundred people are expected to attend the gathering at an historic Catholic seminary in Baltimore, but it is closed to both the general public and media, according to a spokeswoman for the Maryland Catholic Conference, a member of the anti-same-sex marriage coalition.

“There’s no glitz or glamor in this event,” said Catholic Conference spokeswoman Kathy Dempsey. “We’re not trying to impress anyone.. . . We just hope this event will energize and organize our faith communities.”