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The Future of Marriage is the Future of Society

Recovering the meaning and beauty of “the ‘M’ word.”

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Will Estonia Defend Marriage as a Union Between a Man and a Woman?

Many countries have defined marriage exclusively as a union between a man and a woman in their constitutions. Will Estonia follow that path? We would like to believe that, because the parties in the governing coalition of Estonia intend to hold a referendum in 2021 and to enshrine in their Constitution the traditional and natural […]

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Massachusetts City Recognizes “Polyamorous” Partnerships

On June 29th, the city of Somerville, MA adopted a legal amendment to an ordinance on “Domestic Partnerships” that extends legal recognition of such partnerships to arrangements between more than two people, or so-called “polyamorous” groupings. The Mayor of the city (populated by around 81,000 and situated northwest of Boston), Joe Curtatone, signed the amended […]

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