Christian Post: New Poll Shows New Yorkers Oppose Same-Sex Marriage


The Christian Post picks up on the new poll we released today, showing that New Yorkers oppose same-sex marriage and don't want Albany taking the question into their own hands:

A poll released Tuesday by the QEV Analytics, a public opinion research firm in Washington D.C., shows that 57 percent of New York voters oppose gay marriage.

The results of the survey were released just as Senate Republicans are debating over whether to bring the gay marriage bill to a vote. The bill has 31 votes and needs 32 to pass. The New York State Assembly passed the measure last Wednesday. The poll of registered voters in New York found that 57 percent agree that "marriage should only be between a man and a woman," compared to 32 percent who disagree and 11 percent who answered don’t know, or did not respond.

About 59 percent of New York voters say the issue of marriage should be directly decided by voters in New York. Only 1 in 4 voters or 26 percent say they prefer legislators in Albany to decide on the issue of changing the definition of marriage. The other 16 percent say they don't know or gave no response.

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