Report: Hour 6, Still No Gay Marriage


This Lower Hudson Valley reporter says they are discussing rent regulations and tuition increases, not ssm:

Senate Republicans are now into the sixth hour of a closed-door meeting to discuss the newly minted Affordable Housing Act—an all-encompassing bill to enact a property-tax cap, provide mandate relief and establish new rent-control laws for New York City and its suburbs.

Each day for the past two weeks or so have started the same way; Senate Republicans conference the major issues of the day while reporters stake out the meeting for comments and same-sex marriage protesters line the corridor between the conference room and the Senate chamber.

... Reporters, meanwhile, continue to stakeout the GOP meeting. Several senators said same-sex marriage hasn’t been discussed in the meeting so far, and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos has said repeatedly that his conference will decide whether to bring it to a formal vote after all other major legislative issues are complete.

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