NYTimes Gauges The Consequences For Pro-SSM GOP Senators


A sample of the New York Times coverage of the four NY Republican Senators who voted for same-sex marriage and must now prepare to face their voters:

... Mr. Alesi is likely to need support from Democrats to win re-election — in the last election, which he won by 7,000 votes, he garnered nearly 8,000 votes from the Conservative Party.

... Not all of Mr. McDonald’s old friends were so forgiving. Bob Roe, the longtime chairman of the Saratoga County Conservative Party, said he had known Mr. McDonald for decades and even campaigned with him. “You can imagine I’m real disappointed,” Mr. Roe said. “I consider him a friend, but I can’t support him.”

... Mr. Saland opposed the measure in 2009, but at home in Poughkeepsie, two powerful forces seem to have quietly nudged him toward a yes vote: his wife, Linda, who wanted him to back the measure, and the rabbi at his longtime synagogue, who is an outspoken advocate of gay rights. And with a margin of victory in 2010 of nearly 20,000 votes, Mr. Saland is not seen as being in any particular danger of being defeated.

... Few senators are in as tenuous a position as Mr. Grisanti. He was a Democrat until he switched parties to run as a Republican last year. His Buffalo-area district is heavily Democratic, and Mr. Grisanti was elected in 2010 by just a 519-vote margin. Now, many voters are recalling Mr. Grisanti’s previous disavowal of same-sex marriage.

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