If Needed, a Referendum in Maryland Against SSM Just Got Easier


New technology is making it easier to meet Maryland's byzantine petition requirements. Power to the people!

The system is simple. Thousands of voters, egged on by a media blitz on talk radio and Web sites and through targeted e-mail, found their way They typed their names, birth dates, Zip codes and e-mail addresses into a basic form, just as if they were buying a sweater online. The software then tapped into voter-registration data to fill out the petition sheet in the precise format the law requires. The voters then printed out the form, signed it and mailed it to Parrott.

... “This petition drive really sets new ground rules,” he said of the use of the Web and software.

Parrott and some other Republicans are hopeful that the petition’s success could change how voters in the liberal-leaning state weigh in on the laws passed by their elected representatives. --WaPo

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