End of Summer Marriage Challenge! And it won't cost you a dime...


$100,000 Challenge

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As summer draws to a close, I know how busy everyone is. Last-minute vacations, first day of school, and everything else that makes this a time of transition and change. Even for those who don't have school-age children, there's something about the end of summer that marks a season of renewed productivity and busyness.

And for organizations like NOM that rely on donations for our support, it can also be a very lean season financially, as supporters focus on their other priorities and demands of everyday life.

That's why we were so pleased to receive our August Marriage Challenge!

A generous supporter has promised to donate $1 for every new Facebook like, Twitter follower and text message signup during the month of August, up to $100,000. With just two weeks left until the September 1 deadline, we need your help today!


Between now and September 1st, NOM will receive $1 for every Facebook like, Twitter follower, or SMS Text Message Signup. It's simple and easy!

  • Step 1. Like NOM on Facebook! Click here and earn NOM $1.
  • Step 2. Follow NOM on Twitter! Click here to get started!
  • Step 3. Sign up for NOM's SMS Text Alerts, becoming a part of our instant action army! Just text "1M1W" to 96362.
  • Step 4.Tell your friends! By sharing this email with just 10 friends, you can help raise up to $30 to protect marriage across the nation.

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Thank you for helping to protect marriage today!

Semper Fi,

Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage


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