Pro-SSM Senator Admits Getting WA State Lawmakers to Approve SSM in Election Year Will Be Tough


The Seattle Times buries the lead, but the implication is clear:

Two key Democratic state lawmakers are considering a major push to try and pass a gay-marriage law in Washington next year.

Sen. Ed Murray and Rep. Jamie Pedersen, gay lawmakers from the 43rd District in Seattle, said they're in early discussions and have to run the idea by community and legislative leaders.

... "The Senate has always been a problem," Murray said. "I know we do not have enough votes in the Democratic caucus in the Senate to pass marriage and that it would require ... a bipartisan vote, with some Republicans voting for it."

Currently, it appears they're a few votes short, he said.

The House may have enough votes to pass the legislation. "But there's never been a hard count, saying this year in an election year, will you vote for this bill? That has not happened," Murray said.

And why should it matter that 2012 is an election year? Oh, that's right -- because marriage has consequences for lawmakers who presume to redefine it.

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