NRO's Robert Costa Interviews Prof. George on Monday's "Serious" Debate


In National Review:

When Robert P. George, a Princeton University professor of jurisprudence, moderates the Palmetto Freedom Forum on Monday, he won’t ask about deep-dish pizza. Instead, he will urge GOP presidential contenders, as he does his students, to explore their constitutional beliefs. “The idea is to break the mold, to get away from the standard, media-run debates with their gotcha questions,” he says in a phone interview. In turn, he hopes, the candidates will drop “their stump speeches and canned answers.”

... How candidates respond to George’s queries, which will focus on the political and philosophical, could shake up a primary season that, so far, has been dominated by platitudes. The race for the GOP nomination, he says, is often cast as a scramble for the highly coveted but nebulous tea-party crown. But few voters, he laments, have a sense of how leading Republicans interpret the principles that inspire tea-party activists. [Continue reading]

This post contains details about how you can tune in to watch the debate live, Monday 3-5pm EDT.


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