NOM Launches Largest Independent Expenditure in Race to Replace Anthony Weiner


NOM Launches Independent Expenditure Campaign in NY

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Yesterday NOM launched the largest independent expenditure to-date in the race to replace Anthony Weiner in New York's Congressional District 9: $75,000 to defeat Democrat David Weprin. Our first mailers hit today (see an example below), and we have more up our sleeves before the Tuesday vote.

Mailer Sample

This race is critical for the future of marriage. Why? Because David Weprin, the Democrat running to replace Weiner, voted for same-sex marriage in the New York assembly a few short months ago. Not only did he vote for it, he tried to use his Jewish faith as a justification for voting to redefine marriage. This has many in this strongly Democratic, but socially conservative district, up in arms.

Bob Turner, the Republican in the race has made it clear that he supports marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Proponents of same-sex marriage continue to tell legislators that no one has lost their seat over support for same -sex marriage.

We know that it is a lie because, with your help, we've defeated numerous candidates over their support for same sex marriage. In New York we handed Dede Scozzafava a stunning defeat in the Republican primary. In New Hampshire and California US Senate candidates Bill Binnie and Tom Campbell have learned the hard way that support for same-sex marriage will cost them an election. And over a hundred state legislators in states like New Hampshire, Iowa, Maine, and Minnesota lost their seat after NOM put significant resources in supporting their opponents.

But even more than these races, a victory in the heavily Democratic New York 9 will send shockwaves through the national political establishment. No Republican has won this seat since 1923. We don't care whether a Republican or a Democrats is elected – we only care if a person who is committed to preserving marriage is elected. And make no mistake about it - there's only one reason David Weprin is in trouble in race for a very safe Democratic seat: His support for same-sex marriage. It's up to each and every one of us to do our part to change history for marriage and make sure that he never reaches the halls of Congress to do even more damage than he did in Albany.

We've been working hand-in-hand with the Orthodox Jewish and Hispanic communities to make sure that David Weprin is held accountable for this betrayal. Our mailers will reach nearly 100,000 homes. Our phone calls will reinforce the mail, and our independent effort could make all the difference. This is a special election that will have low voter turnout. The last poll by Magellan showed Bob Turner up by four points. But the other side is well-organized and working hard to save Weprin from defeat over his vote for same-sex marriage.

Here's a question for the Human Rights Campaign and their allies in the mainstream media: if same-sex marriage is as "popular" as is claimed, why isn't David Weprin proudly touting his vote for this legislation? The reason is because when it gets down to it – when media bias and political spin no longer matter and it comes down to actually winning elections—David Weprin knows darn well that supporting same-sex marriage is a terribly unpopular position for any politician to take. It may very well spell the end of Weprin's career, and NOM is doing what we can to make sure that is the case.

A few weeks ago, nobody was talking about David Weprin being defeated over his vote for same-sex marriage. Now everyone acknowledges that could well be the case. We will be following up with more activity before Tuesday. But we need your help.

Take Action!

If you have friends and family in NY 9 (Sections of Brooklyn and Queens), call them today and make sure they get out and vote for Bob Turner on Tuesday, September 13th. Forward this email to anyone you know in New York. Get the word out! You can also support Bob Turner by making a donation to his campaign today!

Together we can defeat David Weprin!

Brian Brown

Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage


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