Weekly Standard: Will Weprin's Vote for SSM Sink Him in NY-9?


John McCormack reports in the Weekly Standard:

In the robo-call, sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage and recorded in Spanish, Diaz denounces Weprin for his vote for same-sex marriage in June of this year. "David Weprin betrayed New York families when he voted to impose same sex marriage," Diaz says, according to a translation. "Weprin voted to impose gay marriage against the wishes of our community. Worse, he refused to allow the people of New York to decide this issue by allowing us to vote on marriage, as voters in 31 other states have been able to do. Our families face terrible consequences because of David Weprin. Join me, Democratic state senator Ruben Diaz, in supporting Bob Turner for Congress on September 13."

The Latino community in New York's 9th congressional district is sizable and could sway Tuesday's election. "There are around 100,000 Latinos in the district, of whom 40,000 are registered voters, including 27,000 Democrats, according to U.S. Census data and voter registration data," City Hall News reported recently.

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