More Media Noticing Marriage is the Issue in NY-9


Major media outlets are noticing that quite simply, marriage matters in NY-9:

Washington Post: "[Among NY-9's unique quirks:] an Orthodox Jewish community and a large bloc of Catholics in the district that dislike Weprin’s vote for the New York same-sex marriage law, Weprin’s awkwardness as a candidate — this is all you need to know about that — and a lingering case of buyer’s remorse from voters who elected Weiner over Turner in 2010."

National Journal: Weprin is an Orthodox Jew and for years represented that constituency in the state Assembly. But his vote in favor of gay marriage last spring drew significant protest. He’s been down among Orthodox Jews by a 2-1 margin since entering the race.

FoxNews: Weprin, an Orthodox Jew, has been on the defensive on gay marriage and Israel, which could peel away some support from the Orthodox community. He voted in favor of same-sex nuptials in the New York Assembly, and some Jewish voters have threatened to withhold support for Weprin because they disapprove of Obama's policies toward the Jewish state.

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