Brian Brown in NYTimes: Other Pro-SSM Legislators Are Going to Be Taught the Same Lesson as Weprin


The New York Times on NY-9 as prologue to future efforts to defeat pro-SSM legislators:

Opponents of same-sex marriage say they plan to use Mr. Weprin’s defeat as a springboard as they seek in next year’s legislative elections to defeat lawmakers who voted to allow gay men and lesbians to wed.

Although representatives of the candidates denied the issue had a large impact, Mr. [Brian] Brown [President of NOM] said in an interview on Friday that Mr. Weprin’s defeat was evidence that gay rights advocates were mistaken when they assured lawmakers who voted for same-sex marriage that they would not be hurt by their votes in future campaigns. “I don’t think a serious person can say that anymore,” Mr. Brown said. “I think David Weprin knows that he was sold a false bill of goods, and these other legislators are going to learn the same thing.”

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