Committee Vote Tomorrow on Bill to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage


Committee Vote Tomorrow on Bill to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

New Hampshire is poised to become the first state to legislatively repeal a same-sex marriage bill.

But it won't happen without your help!

Tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee will be voting on a bill to repeal same-sex marriage. Please take a moment right now to send a message to the members of the committee, urging them to restore marriage as the union of one man and one woman in New Hampshire.

Two years ago, gay marriage advocates pushed a same-sex marriage bill through the legislature, despite strong opposition from New Hampshire voters. But last fall, voters sent a resounding message, not only giving Republicans control of both houses of the legislature, but doing so with potentially veto-proof majorities in both houses. Now is the time to hold your elected officials accountable.

If the repeal bill passes the committee tomorrow, it is expected to be voted on by the full legislature in January.

Please take a moment to send your message today, and then forward this email to three friends.


Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

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