Maryland Del. Alston: "Vast Majority" of My Constituents Oppose SSM


With gay activists in Maryland gearing up for another push to redefine marriage through the legislature, Delegate Alston tells her constituents that she knows where they stand on the issue:

When the topic shifted to same-sex marriage, Alston said although Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) plans to sponsor same-sex marriage legislation, she thinks it should go to a referendum vote because the people should be allowed to weigh in on such a divisive issue.

Alston came under heat toward the end of the 2011 General Assembly session when she reversed her support for the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act, a bill she at first co-sponsored.

... Alston said she personally has no problem with same-sex marriage but realizes it goes against her religious beliefs and the beliefs of the majority of her District 24 constituents.

"Tiffany Alston, as an individual, I don't have a problem with same-sex marriage," Alston said. "Tiffany Alston representing over 100,000 people ... the vast majority of them have said, 'I don't approve of it.’"

Lynnette Wynn of Springdale said she understands same-sex couples want the same rights as male and female couples, but "marriage is marriage" and married people should stand up for it.

"We owe it to ourselves to fight for marriage between a man and a woman," Wynn said. "That is marriage as we knew it." -- The Gazette

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