Buffalo News Blog: Judge Harshly Slaps Gov. Cuomo for Way He Pushed SSM Bill


The Buffalo News Capital Connection blog:

A lawsuit seeking to overturn the state's new gay marriage law on procedural grounds can move forward because a private meeting between Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Senate Republicans may have violated the state's open meetings law, an acting State Supreme Court judge in Livingston County has ruled.

Judge Robert Wiggins, a Republican, said there is a "justiciable issue" at stake in a lawsuit brought by a group of evangelical Baptist churches over whether the process used to pass the gay marriage law was legal.

... the judge said there could be a problem with a June closed-door meeting between Cuomo and Senate Republicans, which the plaintiffs -- New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms -- said was an arm-twisting session by the governor to get the GOP senators to back the bill.

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