StarTribune Editors: "Hamline Created its Emmer Mess"


The editors of the Star Tribune take Tom Emmer's side against Hamline U's discriminatory hiring process:

Hamline University officials apparently forgot to consult their own diversity policy as they weighed, then abruptly ended, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer's teaching future at the St. Paul liberal arts school.

According to the policy, Hamline is "committed to ... developing and maintaining academic/co-curricular programs and university climate that promises a responsible, civil and open exchange of ideas.''

Hamline's apparent bungling of employment negotiations with Emmer suggests that commitment only goes so far, thatconservatives such as Emmer are not welcome on campus.

While this page strongly differs with Emmer's strident views on taxes, health reform, state's rights and social issues, especially when it comes to the state's proposed marriage amendment, the Hamline incident raises disturbing questions about academic freedom and administrative backbone at one of Minnesota's most respected educational institutions.

Although Hamline officials declined comment for this editorial, it appears that the university reneged on at least one viable job offer, possibly two, because of last-minute faculty objections to Emmer's politics, particularly his stance on gay marriage.

... It's unclear who at Hamline ultimately quashed Emmer's employment. The university not only owes Emmer an explanation, but the broader community as well.

... while many may find Emmer's stances alarming, the reality is that 43.2 percent of those who voted in the 2010 election found him the best gubernatorial candidate. Are those Minnesotans not welcome at Hamline either?

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