New Video: Recapping the Marriage Tour and Looking Ahead...


Our video team has just finished a terrific 3-minute video recapping our Summer for Marriage tour and introducing our new emphasis as we head into the fall. I hope you’ll take a moment to watch.

Pulling 3 minutes of highlights from more than 30 hours of footage taken at 23 rallies over the past month is no small task! But so many amazing things happened over the past month that I wanted to be sure that our entire team – including each of you – has a chance to watch and be a part of it.

On August 15th, we wrapped up our month-long Summer for Marriage Tour with an enthusiastic crowd of 300 (and live Internet broadcast) at the Rally for Marriage outside the U.S. Capitol, standing with religious and community leaders in the District to call for the people’s right to vote on marriage.

When we first started out on this month-long journey, we envisioned a series of quiet rallies to energize marriage supporters in key battleground states where marriage is under attack. Little did we know how threatened our opponents would be by our tour. But their protests, all too often characterized by hateful intolerance, only raised the profile of the tour, drawing media attention and new supporters to our cause. I was so proud of our supporters at each of the 23 stops – standing together to celebrate marriage, responding with grace and determination even when gay marriage radicals sought to shout us down, harass and intimidate. Thank you.!
One of the purposes of the summer tour was to continue expanding our base of grassroots activists for marriage – we’re already more than 700,000 strong and well on our way toward our goal of identifying and organizing an army of 2 million Americans willing to stand up to protect marriage.

We’ve just re-launched our website, with a whole new look to make it easy for you to sign the petition to protect marriage, and then share the site with your friends. I hope you’ll visit the site today and tell your friends!

With just over two months left before the November elections, we’re launching a major new initiative to reach out to Americans from every walk of life, in every city, county and state across the nation. The effort will center around the new website, supplemented by radio, TV and internet ads, Facebook, Twitter, direct mail, phone calls and emails, as we use every available avenue to reach out to new supporters.

But the most important part of this new initiative is YOU! If each of us were to tell just two others about the campaign to protect marriage, we’d quickly reach our goal of 2 million Americans standing for marriage. In order to reach our goal even faster, we’re using paid advertising to help spread the word.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do today:

1.     Tell at least two friends who don’t already know about NOM’s work to protect marriage. Ask them to visit and sign the petition to protect marriage. In fact, we’ve made it easy – just visit and use the social network tools to share the petition on Facebook, Tweet it, or send emails inviting your friends to sign.

2.     If you’re in a position to give, please consider a gift of $20, $50, or even $100 or more to help get the word out. Your gift helps us reach out into new areas and untapped networks of potential supporters.  Use this link to make your secure online gift today!

Thank you for making our summer tour a success, and for standing with us as we continue building momentum toward November!


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