Aaron Goldstein on Santorum's Grandfather


In American Spectator:

O.K., I'm not ready to go to bed just yet. As I write this, with 98% of the vote, Santorum is leading Romney by five votes.

Although I find myself in agreement with Santorum in foreign policy, as I listen to his speech I feel like I am connecting with him for the first time. It's the first time I've heard Santorum talk at length about his grandfather. His grandfather was a coal miner and so was mine. His grandfather mined the fields of southwestern Pennsylvania and mine was underground in southwestern Alberta. I don't always agree with Santorum, the way he presents himself and am sure I will find myself at odds with him between now and November. But there's now some real common ground, literally and figuratively.

I was struck by his comment on the values of working people, Santorum said, "These are the people who Barack Obama says cling to their guns and their Bibles. Thank God they do."

If Republicans choose wisely, President Obama is in for one hell of a fight. As Santorum put it, "Game on."

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