News Coverage: NOM's $250K New Hampshire Commitment


The Associated Press:

The National Organization for Marriage has pledged to spend $250,000 to help elect New Hampshire lawmakers who support repealing the state’s gay marriage law.

The organization said Friday it will work to hold accountable lawmakers who oppose the repeal.

The Union-Leader:

After playing a big role in the 2010 elections, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) said Friday it intends to spend $250,000 in New Hampshire legislative races to help legislators who support repeal of the state's same-sex marriage law.

The bill (House Bill 437) is expected to be up for a vote in February.

NOM president Brian Brown said that “61 percent of New Hampshire GOP primary voters support a legislative definition of marriage as the union between a man and a woman alongside of a provision for civil unions. We intend to hold every legislator accountable for his or her vote on marriage. Those who support HB 437 will be rewarded, while those who don't will suffer the consequences in the next election.”

... NOM says it helped mount successful legislative election efforts on the same-sex marriage issue in Minnesota, Maine, California, New York and New Hampshire.

The group contends it is “particularly effective at ending the careers of Republican officials who abandon marriage. For example, the group aired ads critical of Republican candidate Bill Binnie's position on same-sex marriage that resulted in his defeat in the GOP US Senate primary campaign in 2010.”

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