ACTION ALERT - Battle to Preserve Marriage in Maryland is Heating Up!


Battle to Preserve Marriage in Maryland is Heating Up!

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The battle to preserve one man-one woman marriage is Maryland is heating up this week!

New legislation, backed by Governor O'Malley, to undo the time-honored and common sense definition of marriage will be heard in the State Senate this week.

We need you to take ACTION immediately to have your voice be heard if we are to stop gay marriage in Maryland again this year, just as we did last year.

  • FIRST—We need you to call your State Senators and let them know that we will not stand for this. Please visit our local coalition website at and click on the TAKE ACTION button. There, you can input your address and it will tell you who your State Senator is. Then you can send them an email, call them, and make sure your voice is heard.

    Please act now as we need every Senator in Maryland to hear the loud, clear voice from their constituents that we will not stand for this!

Take Action Now

  • SECOND—Don't be intimidated! Did you see the comments the other day from the First Lady of Maryland, the Governor's wife, calling opponents of the radical attempt to redefine marriage "cowards"? This is so typical of our opponents, always attempting to bully and cower the good people who support marriage into silence. How is it cowardly to speak your mind? How is it cowardly to stand up for the right of children to be raised by a mom and dad? Yet the Governor's own wife called you, and the pastors and legislators who supported the position of the majority of Marylanders, cowards. This is another desperate attempt by the other side to win by intimidation. Don't let it keep you on the sidelines!
  • THIRD—We need your continued active involvement. After you call your Senator, stay involved. Sign up for email alerts. Click through the Action Center on the website and help in other ways. And if you can afford any funds in these tough times, it will help us contact your neighbors who also support our position and ensure they join our team as well. Please click here——and share your generous support today.
  • FINALLY—Continue to be confident. Momentum is on our side. Last night at Lawyers' Mall next to the State Capitol, thousands of marriage supporters joined in a rally and prayer vigil to protect marriage and send a clear message to the General Assembly that we will not stand for their efforts to redefine marriage. Perhaps you were there. But even if you were not, we know you were there in spirit. By continuing to be involved, we can and will win this fight.

Please, now is the time to wake up again and fight to defend marriage in Maryland. Take action now, before it's too late.

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