New York Post Endorses David Storobin


The New York Post:

There’s a special election tomorrow in south Brooklyn — Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Mill Basin — to choose a successor to ex-state Sen. Carl Kruger, the latest to march in Albany’s long line of convicted felons.

The choice is between Republican David Storobin, an attorney and political neophyte, and Democrat Lew Fidler, a typical city councilman with an extraordinarily bizarre sense of personal entitlement.

It’s a clear-cut choice: The Post wholeheartedly endorses Storobin, who would bring a breath of fresh air to Albany.

... True, his political resumé — despite years of activism — is relatively sparse.

But no record at all would be leaps and bounds better than the dismal rap-sheet compiled by Fidler, a product of the Brooklyn Democratic machine.

... By Fidler’s own account, a GOP win — on the heels of Bob Turner’s surprise victory in last year’s special House race — means that Republicans will be “coming for . . . every single one of us [Democrats] here in southern Brooklyn.”

Actually, two-party political competition sounds like a pretty good idea to us.

Which makes a vote for David Storobin that much more important.

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