If Storobin Wins, He Won on the Orthodox Jewish Vote


Orthodox Pundit:

A reader sent me the election night breakdowns, and it shows that Storobin smashed Fidler in Dov Hikind’s 48th Assembly district, which is the heaviest Orthodox district and is often viewed as reflecting the wider Orthodox communities’ political leanings. Storobin’s showing there is only bettered by the 49th, which makes up a very minor part of the district.

According to the breakdowns by Ads, Storobin pulled in 834 votes on the R line and 181 on the C line, for a total of 1015 (69.14%); Fidler had 414 on the D line and 39 on the I line, totaling 453 votes, or 30.86%.

... Whatever the results are, the changes in AD 48 will probably be insignificant and it will continue to reflect the strong defiance in this Assembly district to high-profile directives. No wonder some are concerned by the Super-Jewish District that heart of it will be the AD-48.

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