Wisconsin Bishops Urge Support for Marriage, Life


On this election day, Bishop David Ricken’s (Green Bay, WI) commentary seems an appropriate way to start the day, as he reinforces the guidance issued by the Wisconsin Bishops, urging Catholics (and others!) to vote pro-life and pro-marriage:

The day for the mid-term elections is fast approaching and we are once again faced with the opportunity to make our country a better place by engaging in the process of choosing leaders for government positions…

“First and foremost (of the four themes) the right to life of every human person — from conception to natural death — is the primary and thus most essential of all human rights. Faith teaches and human reason confirms that human life is not a privilege bestowed on us by others, but rather a right that society must recognize and protect. As Christians we are called to witness to an authentic ‘human ecology’ which safeguards all human life — no matter how frail or impaired — from being manipulated or destroyed.”

Another theme concerns marriage. “The nature of marriage between a man and a woman is established by the Creator as the foundation of the family, which in turn becomes the first and vital cell of society. ... Due to its service to life, including the procreation and necessary formation of new citizens, marriage is a social — not just a sacred — good that government needs to recognize, encourage and protect.”

Read the whole column here.

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