Ruth Institute's Prof. Jennifer Roback Morse to Appear on EWTN's “Women of Grace"


A press release by the Ruth Institute:

SAN MARCOS, CALIFORNIA, April 10, 2012 – Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., founder and president of the Ruth Institute in San Marcos, CA, is traveling to the EWTN studios in Alabama to tape nine episodes of the popular women’s Catholic TV program, Women of Grace with host and executive producer Johnette Benkovic. Dr. Morse will be discussing her book, Smart Sex – Finding Lifelong Love in a Hookup World, as well as religious liberty and morality. Women of Grace discusses contemporary issues from a Catholic perspective and affirms women in their dignity as daughters of God and their gift of authentic femininity.

Her training as an economist and experiences as a wife and mother give Dr. Morse an original understanding of modern problems and their solutions. Having served as an economics professor at Yale and George Mason for 15 years, then raising her own family, Dr. Morse specializes in addressing current issues in a Biblical way, yet many people find her ideas regarding sex and the family unparalleled. “The sexual revolution has caused tremendous damage to our society,” says Dr. Morse, “and far from being a liberation movement, the sexual revolution has actually decreased real human freedom, especially for women.” A passionate speaker and debater, Dr. Morse supports her assertions about sex and the family in a clear and accessible way. Other works by Dr. Morse include Love and Economics, as well as Same Sex Marriage Affects Everyone.

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