They're Coming After You Next...Unless We Stop Them!


United for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Over the past several days, you've seen the attacks leveled against marriage supporters—and particularly at the National Organization for Marriage, precisely because the work we are doing has been so effective, and our coalition so vibrant, diverse and dynamic.

Last week, I launched an aggressive fundraising campaign, spurred on by a generous (and angry!) donor who offered to match each and every dollar we could raise before next Tuesday at midnight, up to $200,000.

We are standing up to these attacks, and going on the offensive. If you can help us today, please make your most generous donation right now!

Donate now

I know this donor wanted to send a message to gay marriage activists that their attacks cannot work, and that powerful message has already been reinforced by men like the Reverend Senator Ruben Diaz of New York and Bishop George McKinney, a member of the governing board of the Church of God in Christ, the nation's 5th largest religious denomination. We are standing united!

But this fundraising drive serves another important purpose as well.

These attacks are designed to distract us from our mission, and to waste resources during this critical year. With marriage on the ballot in five states, a presidential campaign that will shape the future of the Supreme Court, and legislative control up for grabs in Congress and in statehouses across the nation, our only limitation will be the number of people standing with us and the funds we have available.

A few wealthy activists spend tens of millions of dollars every year to force same-sex marriage on the American people. Few of us could afford that type of money to save marriage.

But fortunately we don't have to...In just the next few hours, hundreds of thousands of Americans just like you will receive this same message.

If each of us would sacrifice to give just $20, we would reach our goal in no time!

AND REMEMBER—your gift will have DOUBLE the impact due to our matching grant!

Donate now

Right now we're under relentless attacks—that are draining us of critical resources that could be deployed in states and at the federal level to directly affect the future of marriage...

. . . and these bullies think they can get away with it!


* * * * *


My friend, I know in my heart that they are wrong. They can't get away with it, because you and those like you all across the country have stepped up time and time again.

But I urgently need you to stand with us today.

So far, we have raised just $29,672 in this campaign. In order to respond to these latest attacks and continue to be effective throughout 2012, we NEED to reach our goal of $200,000 over the next several days.

I know that a few of you reading this message can afford a gift of $5,000 or even $10,000 or more. If that is you, please consider what you can do to help at this pivotal moment.

But we're all on the hook, responsible for how we use whatever resources we have.

If we stand united, we cannot be stopped. But if we don't, our opponents will silence us one at a time until there is no one left to speak for marriage. So whether it's $20 or $20,000, it's important that we stand together in this battle.

And I promise you this: NOM is one of the nation's leanest and most effective advocacy organizations. Every dime that we raise will be put to use in the most effective way possible. There are few things I value more than the trust you have placed in me to be your spokesman for marriage, and the responsibility to use your gifts wisely is a sacred trust.

I need to ask you again: Please stand with us today by making a generous and sacrificial gift to support NOM's work.

Donate now

Every dollar you give will instantly have twice the impact...

$30 will become $60
$50 will become $100
$100 will become $200
and $500 will become an incredible $1,000!

You and I simply cannot stand on the sidelines and let these radicals forcibly subdue us and suspend our fundamental rights and freedoms. You and I must hold them accountable.

Contributions or gifts to the National Organization for Marriage, a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible. The National Organization for Marriage does not accept contributions from business corporations, labor unions, foreign nationals, or federal contractors; however, it may accept contributions from federally registered political action committees. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. No funds will be earmarked or reserved for any political purpose.

This message has been authorized and paid for by the National Organization for Marriage, 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006, Brian Brown, President. This message has not been authorized or approved by any candidate.
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