24 Hours for Victory!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Wow...what a week it has been!

In the midst of a vicious barrage of media attacks parroting the propaganda of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), HRC's publication of stolen NOM tax returns, illegal hacking of NOM's online accounts, and new legal action taken by NOM to defend ourselves and the rights of marriage supporters throughout the country, I don't want to forget the wonderful and important work taking place down in North Carolina.

Our theme this week has been "We Stand United!" And nowhere is that more true than in North Carolina where the African American church has provided stalwart leadership in speaking out for God's truth about marriage.

But if we are truly united, we must all stand with them, not just in word, but in deed as well. In just 24 days, North Carolina voters will go to the polls, making North Carolina the 32nd state to vote on same-sex marriage.

And that is why I am asking you to please make your most generous gift today to help secure victory for marriage in North Carolina!

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Our opponents in North Carolina have raised millions of dollars and amassed mountains of cash—and they are openly suggesting that they could defeat the North Carolina marriage amendment.

We've heard through numerous sources that the activists opposing the bill, backed by big money from gay billionaires and Hollywood elites, are planning on flooding the airwaves in the coming weeks—employing scare tactics and a powerful campaign of disinformation to sway public opinion.

While such a defeat would be a tragedy for North Carolina, the impact of such a defeat could be even more devastating nationally.

Our opponents are keenly aware that the American people have voted to reject same-sex marriage in 31 consecutive states—and that the Supreme Court isn't blind to what is happening in the states.

In these final weeks before North Carolina voters go to the polls on May 8, we all need to chip in and help support the North Carolina campaign. And so today, even in the midst of NOM's own critical fundraising drive, we are asking you to donate directly to VoteforMarriageNC, the group spearheading the North Carolina campaign.


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My friend, even if you've already given to support NOM's efforts across the country this week, will you please help Vote for Marriage NC by making an emergency gift of $5,000, $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or whatever you can afford right away?

Donate now

Our generous donor has promised that the funds we raise for the campaign
will count toward fulfilling his matching grant.

Even better, I promise to match every dollar you give in response to this email in support of marriage in North Carolina.

Every single dollar you donate will go directly toward saving marriage in North Carolina.

Special thanks to all of you who have been part of the incredible outpouring of support we've had since yesterday's email.

But we still have a long ways to go to reach our goal of $200,000.

Will you make one URGENT gift right away to help Vote for Marriage North Carolina
defend marriage against an all-out assault by the left?

Thank you.

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