AP: Colorado Civil Union Supporters "Worry About Next Step"


The Associated Press:

Democrats pushing for Colorado civil unions worried Friday about the bill's fate after a pointed warning from the Republican House speaker about legislators attacking the motives of opponents.

The bill calling for legal protections for gay couples similar to marriage passed with a 6-5 vote late Thursday in the GOP-led judiciary committee that rejected the same legislation last year.

... McNulty said Senate Democrats took months to move the bill to the House and did it on purpose to force a decision within the final days of the legislative session.

"I think that there are those in the Democratic Party that want to make sure that this issue is a political issue in November," he said, referring to the upcoming election.

Democratic Rep. Daniel Kagan, a member of the House Judiciary Committee that passed the bill, urged Republicans to schedule the necessary hearings on the bill.

"We're here to do the work of the people, and the people very much want us to make a decision on civil unions. It's not a trivial matter," he said.

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