NAACP's Pro-SSM Stance Labeled Contrary to Black Tradition


Charlie Butts at OneNewsNow:

The NAACP has endorsed homosexual "marriage" -- but one expert says that doesn't reflect the attitude of most African-Americans on the issue.

"...[Dr. Timothy Johnson -- founder of The Frederick Douglas Foundation] encourages factions within the NAACP to reassess their relationship with the organization.

"... I think those individuals who call themselves Christian or call themselves Jewish who are members of the NAACP should denounce the organization, should cancel their membership, and really look for something else or another organization such as the Frederick Douglas Foundation to be affiliated with," he states.

... On Monday, the president of the National Black Church Initiative denounced both the NAACP and President Obama for supporting same-gender marriage. Rev. Anthony Evans said churches with which he is affiliated will put their faith ahead of support for black leaders "every single time."

... The National Black Church Initiative comprises 34,000 black and Hispanic churches across 15 denominations.

In a related OneNewsNow online poll, almost 70 percent of the more than 5,000 respondents feel President Barack Obama will lose either a "significant" amount (15-25%) or a "huge" amount (more than 25%) of the support of black church-goers in the November election.

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