Roy McDonald Constituent: "I Have Not Forgotten Your Vote [for Gay Marriage]"


A constituent of marriage flip-flopper Roy McDonald shares why he intends to vote the way he will:

I keep getting glossy flyers from Roy McDonald ... at least three in the past two weeks. No doubt they are paid for, at least in part, by the contributions he got from New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg for his vote for gay marriage.

That being the case, I continue to wonder why Senator (hopefully soon to be former Senator) McDonald never mentions that vote when he lists his achievements. One must wonder why ... mustn’t one?

If it was “the right thing to do” as he said at the time, then one would think that he should be proud of that achievement. Evidently not. He now sees the handwriting on the wall and values his job more than the “right thing to do,” continuing to “forget” to mention this “right thing.”

... I have not forgotten your vote. And I will not forget when I proudly vote for Kathy Marchione on Sept. 13 in the Republican primary. -- The Record

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