Senator McDonald's Resume Needs Updating


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Recently, I read a letter to the editor from a local New York paper—The Record from Troy, NY—that posed a great question. The author said he's been receiving mailings from Senator Roy McDonald's campaign trumpeting his accomplishments in office, but with one conspicuous omission from the list—namely, the Senator's vote to legalize same-sex marriage. The author thought this was strange, since McDonald had claimed that taking political favors and money in exchange for his vote on this issue was "the right thing to do." If it was the right thing to do, why not celebrate it and advertise it?

Well, the reason is clear: McDonald, like his fellow Senator Mark Grisanti, knows that imposing same-sex marriage on the people of New York was the wrong thing to do—both ethically and politically. And these corrupt politicians are hoping voters forget their betrayal, so they won't have to face the music on Primary Day this Thursday. But voter's haven't forgotten, and they're cuing up the orchestra to play these clowns off the stage!

Will you help us with your urgently-needed, immediate contribution of $25, $50, or $100 today, so that we can redouble our efforts on your behalf in the final hours leading up to this crucially important primary election?

Without your immediate help, we can't put the necessary resources in place in these critical last hours to make sure that Senators McDonald and Grisanti get sent packing even before the general election. We're prepared to continue fighting on your behalf all the way through November, but we have an opportunity to send the message this week that the people of New York stand for traditional marriage and won't be bullied by greedy, out-of-touch politicians.

The NOM PAC NY has the message and strategy necessary to get the word out to New York voters so that they remember this election day how their elected representatives betrayed them last year in Albany, when they took Mayor Bloomberg's favors and funds in exchange for their votes to impose a redefinition of marriage on the Empire State! We're kicking into high gear with targeted phone calls and mailings between now and Thursday to ensure that New York residents hear this important message!

But we can't get this word out unless you send us your generous contribution today! Please help us with your critical donation of $25, $50, or $100 now so that we don't lose this important opportunity to oust these two treacherous Senators from office!

The elite fat-cats in Albany betrayed the voters of New York and imposed same-sex marriage on the State without even considering letting the people vote. Well, in this election, you get to vote whether they like it or not. Stand up with your fellow New Yorker's this Thursday and cast your vote for family, for marriage, for religious liberty, and for politicians being accountable to those who got them elected instead of to those who offer to fill their coffers while in office! Stand for marriage this week! Get out the vote!

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