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Dear Friends of Marriage,

A battle update:

In New York, we're proud to be working with an extraordinary group of local leaders including New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom, the black and Hispanic pastors who brought 10,000 people to the streets of New York to protest gay marriage, and state senator Ruben Diaz, the principled maverick Democrat standing up to the special interests--along with the new Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, and the other Catholic bishops of New York, who just issued a strong statement opposing gay marriage: "We face today the prospect of a law in New York which would radically change the timeless institution of marriage. As pastors of citizens from every corner of our great state, we stand unified in our strong opposition to such a drastic measure."

Thanks to your help, we've launched a successful radio and TV ad campaign (see "NOM in the News" below). You can see the ad and help us keep it going. And we've reached out to voters in 25 state senate districts, using sophisticated technology that allows us to do three things: identify our pro-marriage voters; generate thousands of phone calls to legislators on the fence; and build our base of small donors and activists for the next round of battle.

State Senator Tom Duane, the sponsor of the gay marriage bill, claimed he had the votes--but Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith immediately told reporters that he didn't see 32 votes for gay marriage yet. Help us keep the pressure on! Can you help us today with $10, $50, or even $200 to help us preserve marriage in New York?

It is with great sadness that I have to report that the legislature passed a gay marriage bill in New Hampshire.

Here's the most important thing you need to know about New Hampshire: It's not over.

Thanks to your help, thousands of New Hampshire citizens called up their politicians and told them: Don't mess with marriage. 

But the political establishment decided to pay attention to a well-financed base and to ignore the priorities of the people of New Hampshire.

As the Baptist Press News reported, "Flipping the governor's office and the legislature from Democrat to Republican in 2010 is a bold goal." But Kevin Smith, the able young activist who heads up the Cornerstone Policy Research, said, "I think we have a good chance of that happening, because I think people are so disgusted with what this legislature has done this year. The goal after that would be to repeal the law."

The reporter notes, "Democrats hold a 14-10 edge in the New Hampshire Senate and a 224-176 edge in the House but have held the legislature for less than three years. They took control in 2006, winning the House from Republicans for the first time since 1911 and controlling both chambers for the first time since 1874. Last year -- in a great year for Democrats nationally -- Republicans in the New Hampshire House actually picked up 14 seats."

I helped found NOM because I believe that values voters need new avenues for political influence. No more paper tigers. No more Potemkin villages. 

Stay tuned: This fight is not over. We look forward to working with local leaders to find and energize the pro-marriage voters in New Hampshire and across this great country of ours. To do this, we need your help. We need your prayers. We need your willingness to share your beliefs with your friends and family. And, if you can make a financial sacrifice, we need that too. A monthly donation of as little as $20--just five dollars a week!--goes a long way.

A personal note: When I helped found NOM I moved immediately to Princeton, NJ, for our first project there. Then, six months later, my wife and kids moved with me out to California to fight for Prop 8. This week, we'll be picking up the family and moving again--this time to the nation's capital, where NOM will be opening a new national office. 

Yes, my wife IS a saint. Thank God for homeschooling! 

I thank God every day for the blessing of your comradeship. Keep the letters, the prayers, and the phone calls coming!


Brian BrownBrian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
20 Nassau Street, Suite 242
Princeton, NJ 08542
[email protected]

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NOM in the News: Selected Clips  

"Ad Campaign Slams Same-Sex Marriage in NY"
May 28, 2009
The National Organization for Marriage, the conservative Christian group that helped push through Proposition 8, the bill that defeated same-sex marriage in California has launched an advertisement campaign in New York State today.

"Enough Votes to Pass Same-Sex Marriage in the Senate?"
Gotham Gazette
June 1, 2009
Traditional values groups have been lobbying the minority hard to forestall any Republican support. The National Organization For Marriage paid for a $100,000 television and radio campaign against gay marriage that ran in Long Island and upstate from May 28 to May 31. A rally against gay marriage will be held at the capitol on June 9.

"More about gay-marriage issue"
May 31, 2009 
From the other side of the debate, the Christian organization National Organization for Marriage last week released a 30-second video in the Albany and New York City markets, warning of the "consequences for kids" if same-sex marriage becomes legal in New York.

"Battle over same sex marriage continues"
Capital News 9, Albany
June 5, 2009
Thursday, the National Organization for Marriage launched its television and radio ad campaign. 

On top of that, New Yorkers can expect the same message by phone. Planned robocalls will ring in more than 1.4 million households, in 25 senate districts. Another group, the Coalition to Save Marriage in New York, says all of its 14 member organizations have beefed up their opposition as well.

"RI lawmakers drop bill increasing infertility care"
Barre Montpelier Times Argus
June 4, 2009
"If you take the requirement for marriage out of this bill, then it's clearly of benefit for the same-sex marriage crowd, for gays and lesbians seeking to create families," said Christopher Plante, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage Rhode Island.

"Protecting marriage"
National Catholic Reporter
May 28, 2009
An video ad by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) highlighting the harmful consequences of gay marriage was hardly an advertisement for the intelligence of its makers. The 30-second spot warns that students will be taught "that boys can marry other boys" or could be taken to a same-sex wedding as a field trip if gay marriage becomes legalized.

"NH legalizes same-sex marriage"
World Magazine
June 4, 2009
Here's the final text of the bill, the governor's press release, applause from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and condemnation from the National Organization for Marriage.

"New Ad Airing in NY Fights Same-Sex Marriage"
May 29, 2009
It's must-see TV Friday night in New York.

A new television commercial hits the airwaves there to fight same-sex marriage.

The campaign is sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage and will air on certain stations in Long Island, Westchester and Upstate.

"NH 'gay marriage' bill heads back to legis."
Baptist Press News
May 29, 2009
Cornerstone and the National Organization for Marriage have been running a television ad reminding citizens that Lynch said he would veto the "gay marriage" bill if the religious exemptions bill as he outlined isn't passed. It also reminds citizens that Lynch -- up until just two weeks ago -- said he didn't support "gay marriage." It asks viewers to call Lynch and ask him to veto the bill. 

"Kansas church plans to bring message of hate to RI"
Rhode Island Catholic
May 29, 2009
The Diocese of Providence and National Organization for Marriage--Rhode Island (NOMRI) both have stated their clear opposition to Westboro Baptist's planned demonstrations in the Ocean State.  

"RI students, groups protests radical church picketers
May 29, 2009
The Diocese of Providence and National Organization for Marriage Rhode Island (NOMRI) both have stated their clear opposition to Westboro Baptist's planned demonstrations in the Ocean State.

"Carrie Prejean's Lawyer--Fellow H8er"
May 31, 2009
TMZ has learned Prejean has hired Charles Limandri, who acted as as general counsel to the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) when the group spearheaded the California ballot initiative to include the marriage definition in the constitution (aka Proposition 8). 

"Celebrities Champion State's Same-Sex Marriage Bill"
US Post Today
May 29, 2009
"We think the most effective lobbyists on marriage are actual constituents, not Hollywood stars," said Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage. "That's the most effective thing we can do."

" and National Organization for Marriage Ask Court to Rule in Their Favor on Proposition 8 Case"
ADF Alliance Alert
June 3, 2009
Today, and National Organization for Marriage asked the Court to make a decision on their case involving the free speech rights of citizens who supported Proposition 8 in California.  Proposition 8 added an amendment to the California Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.  

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