National Post Interviews NOM Spokesman Goddard on Standing for Marriage in Canada and the USA


The National Post interviews NOM's Spokesman Damian Goddard about his continued pro-marriage activism after being fired for his pro-marriage tweet:

Q Why are you, as a Canadian, appearing in American election ads about gay marriage?
A I think it’s important in this day and age, especially for people of faith, to stand up for what they believe in — especially something as organic as marriage being defined as between one man and one woman. I think it’s vitally important in a free society to be able to not only express your deep-held beliefs but to also not be afraid to appear in a commercial or take to Twitter and social media.

Q And how are those ads performing?
A We are grossly being outspent, but from what we get on the ground, there is a major grassroots support for marriage being between a man and a woman. We feel confidently that, as it’s been done in the previous 31 states, that we’ll go four for four.

Q Now you’ve had some backlash in the past week since the ads came out — were you surprised by that?
A Not at all. The hate is still there, but as I’ve tried to calmly state on social media and in emails, there’s nothing that’s going to deter me. Being called names is not going to stop me from partaking in the awesome privilege of expressing myself.

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