Brian Brown on Newsmax TV: "Lawyers for SSM ... Didn't Want the Court to Take the Case"


Brian Brown spoke with Newsmax over the weekend for a more in-depth interview about the important news regarding Prop 8 and DOMA:

"We are ecstatic that the court took the case. Folks may not remember this but the lawyers for those that wanted to overturn Proposition 8 actually asked the Supreme Court to not take the case. That would have created gay marriage almost immediately in California and they would have used it as a precedent throughout the country. By the court accepting the case, we can get a resolution on this.

“It takes four votes [for the high court] to take a case. That shows that we at least have four votes. We’re going to have more and that’s because the arguments being made by the other side I just don’t think are going to withstand the court’s scrutiny. There is no constitutional right to redefine marriage and the court’s going to find that.”

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