What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

In case you missed it, this week was the official release of What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense, by NOM's founding chairman Robert P. George, along with Sherif Girgis, and Ryan T. Anderson.

This exciting, new (and affordable!) title offers the best pro-marriage arguments available in print today, in an accessible yet scholarly way. It is a must-have for every marriage supporter's library.

If you haven't pre-ordered in the weeks leading up to the release, be sure to place your orders for the book today, so that you have copies in time to give out as Christmas gifts.

While you're waiting to receive your book in the mail, though, one of the book's co-authors has been putting out some great material online lately, which should help hold you over.

Ryan T. Anderson contributed this past week to, where he explored some of the issues raised by the book—and recent events, thanks to the Supreme Court.

Ryan's insights are invaluable for understanding the Supreme Court's decisions to hear cases on Prop 8 and DOMA, and identifies the key arguments that need to be brought to bear in these legal battles.

Ryan also contributed to NRO this week, responding (with his Heritage Foundation colleague Andrew T. Walker) to recent claims by pundit George Will, who says that the pro-marriage cause is on its last legs.

Anderson and Walker's response? Marriage is not dead yet—not by a long shot!

So, please check out these great resources right away. Share them with your friends. And please support these brave authors by ordering your own copy of What Is Marriage? today!

PS: The new book makes a great Christmas gift—but why not accompany it with a card telling your loved ones that you've made a donation to the National Organization for Marriage in their honor? And if you give to NOM today, your gift will be doubled because of a generous donor's dollar-for-dollar matching grant! That's a deal you can't find in stores. Won't you please give to NOM today?

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