Tell the Illinois GOP: Drop Chairman Brady for His Betrayal of Marriage!


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Pat Brady, Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, recently betrayed conservative voters and Republicans by publically advocating for the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in Illinois.

Brady, in remarks to the press, claimed that same-sex marriage was "a key Republican value" — despite the strong pro-marriage wording of the most recent Republican National Committee Platform and the fact that every major GOP candidate for president this past political cycle was in favor of protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Should someone so opposed to "key Republican values" be representing his party in a state so frequently targeted by liberals who want to redefine marriage, including President Obama himself? Don't we want someone leading the GOP in Illinois who will advocate for the conservative and commonsense principles and values that unite us?

Kelly Hayes, a Republican committee member in Illinois, put it best when she voiced her dismay at Brady's advocacy for same-sex marriage:

I am particularly provoked that our party chairman would take time on the first business day of our New Year NOT to make calls on behalf of pension reform and spending cuts, NOT to make calls on behalf of our besieged 2nd Amendment, NOT to make calls on behalf of anything in the 2012 Illinois Republican Platform at all. Instead, he calls Republican legislators to ask them to redefine marriage, a traitorous assault on one of our party platform's most important social tenets as well as current Illinois and federal law.

Pat Brady needs to step down now. Sadly, he has embarrassed himself and the Illinois Republican Party.

It truly is "a traitorous assault!"

Brady has betrayed us, betrayed his party, misrepresented "key Republican values," and insulted conservative voters in Illinois and across America who deserve leaders who refuse to sell out on such a fundamental and crucial issue like the defense of marriage, children and family.

The future of marriage in Illinois demands that Brady be replaced immediately with a brave pro-marriage individual who will fight back against the out-of-state liberal activists now attempting to impose gay marriage on the Land of Lincoln without the will or consent of the we the people.

Tell the Illinois GOP today that Pat Brady must go, and that it is time for the party to reinforce real "key Republican values" — marriage and family, the well-being of children, the rule of law, and the rights of voters like you and me.

We already know the consequences of same-sex marriage becoming law in Illinois will be disastrous. We saw last year, when civil unions were passed in Illinois, that it immediately impacted religious liberties, despite the promises of the bill's sponsors that it would do no such thing.

In fact, within months of civil unions being passed, Lutheran and Catholic adoption and foster care agencies in Illinois were forced to shut! And we know that same-sex marriage poses even more risks to people of faith than the damage civil unions have already caused.

Let us ensure the same thing does not happen again (or worse!), and make sure that we have strong pro-marriage leaders in Illinois speaking up for the rights of voters, for the good of children, the protection of our families and for the values we all hold dear.

Take action right away!

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