Schubert: Why Gay Marriage Is Not Conservative


Frank Schubert, NOM's National Political Director, in NRO's The Corner:

Same-sex “marriage” advocates are orchestrating a series of high-profile public events intended to influence the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court to impose same-sex marriage on an unwilling public. The announcements of several Republicans who say they now support gay marriage provide clear evidence of this. The meme is that there is a growing consensus among conservatives that same-sex marriage should be accepted.

You can’t support gay marriage and claim to be a conservative any more than you can be “pro-choice” on abortion and claim to be a conservative. Is Michael Bloomberg or Arnold Schwarzenegger a conservative? Any Republican who supports same-sex marriage is in a similar boat.

Homosexual activists are hoping that these statements by moderate or liberal elites in the GOP will appeal to Republicans who make up a majority on the Court — especially Justice Anthony Kennedy. The fact remains, though, that support for true marriage is rock-solid among Republicans in general, and conservatives in particular.

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