Bill Duncan on The Supreme Court's Wrong Marriage Assumptions


Bill Duncan writes in National Review:

SCOTUS"To judge from most of the media coverage, today’s Supreme Court decisions in the marriage cases were supposed to give us a final answer on whether the U.S. Constitution requires the states to redefine marriage. They did not.

...Even though we did not get a final settlement of the [marriage] debate in these decisions, there are reasons to be concerned. As I discuss in a submission to SCOTUS Blog which should go up later today, the majority opinion in the DOMA case rests on assumptions about marriage which cast it as a government vehicle for valorizing a private relationship. The court mentions children but only as potential trickle-down beneficiaries of the relationship of the adults who are raising or who have acquired them. If that notion is widely accepted it will constitute a cultural loss.

Overall a bad day at the Court, but the fight continues."

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