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Dear Friends of Marriage,

Today I have to say: Thank you!
Last week I asked you to take action in the debacle developing in New York's 23rd Congressional district--and you responded!
More than 11,000 emails and faxes and still counting! Protests have poured into the offices of GOP chief Michael Steele and local New York Republican officials to say: Don't make a terrible mistake: Don't sell out marriage voters! Don't reward Dede Scozzafava, one of the very few GOP politicians who have ever voted for gay marriage, with an uncontested shot at high office. Not without GOP primary voters' consent!
 Dede is being groomed to become the first GOP Congressional Representative in New York--or elsewhere--who is a passionate activist for government-imposed gay marriage.  Fight back! Let NOM's New York PAC be your voice for your values, by donating here.
And with Pres. Obama's recent announcemenet that he wants to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), every vote matters more than ever! Take action! If you haven't yet, go to Two Million for Marriage and make your voice count! Together, our voices and our values will be heard!
Are you having trouble keeping Pres. Obama's position straight on gay marriage? You are not the only one. His high-profile TV appearance with Rick Warren in the summer of 2008 (in which Pres. Obama insisted he is opposed to gay marriage) angered gay activists. So then Obama quietly sent out a letter saying he opposed Prop 8 in California. This week, the same double-take: After filing briefs pretending his administration is willing to defend the federal DOMA from activist judges, Pres. Obama's Justice Department filed a new brief announcing that the President opposed DOMA as discriminatory--but he still wants his Justice Dept. to be in charge of defending the law! I guess he was in favor of gay marriage before he was against gay marriage.
Thank you for standing tall for marriage and all that it stands for: God's truth about who we human beings are, and who we should aspire to be.

Take care and enjoy the dog days of summer!

Brian BrownBrian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
20 Nassau Street, Suite 242
Princeton, NJ 08542
[email protected]

P.S. We are halfway to our intial goal of $50,000 in "seed" money for our NY PAC. Can you help us take the next big leap by donating here? New York has strict election laws. We need to build the capital to expand outwards and reach tens of thousands of new donors and activists in New York to help protect marriage and religious liberty from government assault.

If God has given you the means--and believe me, with six kids I know money is tight and not everyone can help financially!--can you pledge $10 a month for marriage today? Thanks and God bless you! 

©2009 National Organization for Marriage.
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