Panic in the Streets over the Rainbow Flag


From Dr. J at NOM's Ruth Institute:

Wow! I really hit a nerve talking about the rainbow and what it does or does not symbolize. It is very interesting to me that this offhand discussion of symbolism struck such a nerve. Trouble is, the various commentators can’t seem to get their stories straight.

One headline says, “Anti-Gay Ruth Institute Wants to Steal the Rainbow Flag from Gays.”

Meanwhile, gay columnist Dan Savage says, “we’ll let you have your f**king rainbows back,” as long as we completely capitulate on every single substantive point. (Such a deal!) The clear implication is that he thinks he is in a position to give the rainbow back. This sorta kinda suggests he thought all along that he did own it. (Note the charming language. And the charming headline on the story where it was reported.)

In contrast with these guys who evidently think they own the rainbow and are irritated that I pointed out its obvious Biblical symbolism, there are another whole batch of people calling me petty for caring about something as insubstantial as the meaning of a piece of cloth. (Some of the comments on the blog are of that sort.) If it is so unimportant, why the hysteria? That little interview has generated more attention than any other commentary I’ve done on seemingly more substantial matters.

I’m inclined to agree with our commenter Leland: my choice of Prop 8 courtroom attire and a five minute interview with One News Now has caused “widespread panic.” When this many people start circling the wagons to ridicule someone from mutually contradictory positions, there is definitely panic in the air.

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