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National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

It's time to thank Governor Corbett for standing for marriage and the rule of law. As much as we "demand" things of our elected officials, we also need to thank them and let them know that they have our support.

Last week, when I wrote to you urging you to contact Governor Corbett about the lawlessness in Montgomery County, I was certain you'd act quickly and decisively—and you did!

Hundreds of you flooded the Governor's office with emails demanding that the rule of law be preserved in Pennsylvania and that the age-old institution of marriage be defended against a reckless and illegitimate attack. Well, I write today to ask you to thank Governor Corbett and his staff for responding.

Yesterday, the Governor's administration took two decisive steps toward upholding marriage law in the Keystone State. The Department of Health filed a case against the lawlessness in Montgomery County. And the Office of General Counsel delivered a strong letter to Attorney General Kane, indicting her failure to defend marriage as contributing to the recent chaos in the Philadelphia suburbs.

So let's write the Governor together today thanking his administration for standing up on behalf of marriage and of the rule of law in Pennsylvania! He needs to know he has our support to continue doing the right thing!

But we also need to remain vigilant and active. The battle is not over.

We need the Governor to firmly and decisively announce his administration's intent to defend Pennsylvania's marriage laws against the recent lawsuit filed by the ACLU, and to ensure that these recent shenanigans in Montgomery County do not impact the legal proceedings in any way.

With the media bias surrounding the issue of marriage, we need the Governor to know that the vast majority of Pennsylvania voters believe in the true definition of marriage. Marriage brings the two halves of humanity together in a special way, and affirms the right of every child to the love of both a mother and a father.

Tell Governor Corbett that you're one of the millions of Pennsylvanians who firmly believe in this common-sense truth about marriage, and that you will continue to stand by those in government who affirm and uphold this most basic institution in our society.

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