Gov. Pence: States with Marriage Amendments Have Fastest Growing Economies


During a visit to Evansville this week, Indiana Governor Mike Pence pointed out the correlation between states that protect marriage as husband and wife and strong economic growth:

Gov. Mike PenceGovernor Pence was in town to introduce a new state based initiative office at the Evansville Rotary.  He says that many of the 32 states that define traditional marriage in their charters have some of the fastest growing economies, including Indiana, drawing a correlation between a ban on same-sex marriage and economic development. Pence says the federal government has outlined it's role in marriage equality and now wants the people of Indiana to have a say on how it is recognized in the state.  "As someone who believes in traditional marriage, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I do support efforts to allow the people of Indiana to make that decision whether we include the traditional definition of marriage in our state constitution and I think that's appropriate," Pence said.

Pence says he's confident if the issue is on the ballot, voters will reaffirm the state's existing laws banning same sex marriage. -WFIE

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