Catholic Priest Denies Communion to Same-Sex Couple -- and the Media Reaction that Follows


From GoLocalProv:

Reverend Brian Sistare, the pastor at Sacred Heart Parish in Woonsocket, is currently denying Holy Communion to Lew Pryeor and Pierre Leveillee, a gay couple who are members of Sacred Heart’s regular congregation.

CommunionAs it is customary for Catholic priests to refuse Holy Communion to those who are unrepentant–and with knowledge of the Church’s teachings regarding homosexuality–one would think that this issue would be of small surprise and concern to the public.

For some reason, however, progressives have begun to salivate over Pryeor’s and Leveillee’s dilemma.

It’s interesting to consider the precise motivation for far-left progressives–people known to mock and ridicule the entire notion of “religion,” ... According to their own principal assumptions, for progressives to be concerned with two homosexual Catholics being denied Holy Communion is like sticking up for a child being forbade fairy dust at The Magic Kingdom–and then covering the story on

As one would expect from people who have no principles other than power, today’s progressive position seems to be this: Catholics are silly. Unless they’re gay Catholics.

The private happenings at Sacred Heart Parish simply provided RIFuture with an easy hit-piece against the political Right.

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